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What is a Printable Eviction Notice?

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Eviction Law

Every landlord will eventually have to do an eviction.  This can be a frustrating and expensive process.  I am surprised, though, how many will try to cut corners to save a couple dollars when doing the eviction.  Instead of using an evictions attorney or going down to the courthouse, they will try to find free resources on the internet to do the eviction.

When I was looking at the stats for this site, several people were searching for a printable eviction notice or a free printable eviction notice.  I am not really sure what they are looking for, but here are some thoughts about their line of thinking and the problems with it:

An eviction notice form is specific to the county or legal jurisdiction that you live in.  I would be very suspicious of a generic one that I found on the internet.  How do you know that it was created with all the legal requirements for your area?  Plus, these documents are usually free at the county courthouse or you can download them from their website.

Using an eviction notice that was not generated by your local jurisdiction could invalidate your claim in court.  A tenant or their attorney could simply show the judge that you did not follow the law when you filed the eviction.  Unfortunately, judges love procedural mistakes and I am sure they would throw out your case in a second.  This will be a huge frustration causing you to lose the money you spend filing the first eviction, not to mention the extra time it will take to get the tenant out of the property.

Alternatively, if you are simply looking for an eviction letter, which is essentially a warning document that you can send to the tenant to tell them what they need to fix or do, then I would be fine using something I found on the internet.   I would still compare it against the local legal requirements for your area if this is a required part of evictions in your area.  Here is a sample eviction letter template that I put together that you could use.

When using the eviction notice as a simple warning letter, you can actually find an eviction notice in Microsoft word.  You can go to www.office.microsoft.com, search for Word Templates for the version of Word that you are using.  Put Eviction into the search box and it should bring up a couple templates that you can use.  How easy is that?

Before downloading a printable eviction notice from the internet and assuming it just will work for your needs, check with your local courthouse to confirm it would be OK to use a non-legal binding form like this.

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